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“There is no way of knowing more than one person through his work! Sincere and creative productivity of who (re) creates with passion a mirror of your inner world emerge from intrinsic aspects of his personality.
This is how I invite you to know Francisco Nunes, by a deep and penetrating look of his work.
The multidisciplinary and multifaceted approach to academic and personal are revealed in the numerous illustrations, sketches and drawings produced by himon screen. In these scenarios are presented by video games futuristicallybizarre, armed with details of great beauty.
In the sketches and paintings, grounded in detail, it recognizes an explosion ofpure forms and a manifestation of color!
The thrill is transversal to all records being revealed, either in the glee with which the works are produced either by the sensations, no primaries, but rathercomplex, featuring each of the characters and that each one awakens.
The exploratory work and context of each frame make us enter in a world of one who has the motto Art. This art, in nature, the artist’s soul, the universe begins Relational creator. In this respect it is appropriate to their ambush England.There, in addition to academic training has been immersed in the various formsof artistic production. Seen installations of sculpture, painting exhibitions, fine arts, attended closely to the social interventionist art movement …
All this information and influences were incorporated into their creative identityin the course of regular visits to the Algarve. It is precisely in southern Portugal that he is rooted, nailed to the richness and complexity of the forms of nature, with the soundtrack of the sea.
This was almost antagonist creative Francisco grew and was the result ofevolutionary growth that even invited you to know. “

Download Curriculum Vitae: FRANCISCO NUNES CV 2011

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