Diary of a Kid – The lucky day.


“the lucky day (or not)” – 2011

This happen when i was living in porto and walking home from the subway station,its wasnt that late because the subway was still working,so i was doing my normal rotine path home and it was a warm night,after passing 10mins of buildings i had to pass through a dark tree path,and so i went,noticing from a distance there was a car in the middle of the path,as i was getting closer i noticed there was two feet outside the window,i continued walking foward but was a lit cautious because i didnt wanted to interrupt whatever was happening inside that car,so when i passed next to the car i was only able of seeing a girl lying comfortably completly naked with a expression of totally satisfaction,i continued walking and suddenly i hear giggles from two woman.




Diary of a Kid – The day I bit the nurse


“the day i bit the nurse” – 1989

This situation happen to me when i was 5 years old.
at the time i hated and had a phobia with needles so i went to the hospital with one of my parents,already shaking of fear with probably my fav toy at the time,and when i sit on this room and a nurse grabs my arm to stick me a needle i bit her and more people had to help so that she could finish the job,took more then a hour this process and after 1 decade the nurse still remembers me asking me “if i was going to bite again”..