Nice ride – scketch

before using pen :



Diary of a Kid – The lucky day.


“the lucky day (or not)” – 2011

This happen when i was living in porto and walking home from the subway station,its wasnt that late because the subway was still working,so i was doing my normal rotine path home and it was a warm night,after passing 10mins of buildings i had to pass through a dark tree path,and so i went,noticing from a distance there was a car in the middle of the path,as i was getting closer i noticed there was two feet outside the window,i continued walking foward but was a lit cautious because i didnt wanted to interrupt whatever was happening inside that car,so when i passed next to the car i was only able of seeing a girl lying comfortably completly naked with a expression of totally satisfaction,i continued walking and suddenly i hear giggles from two woman.



Diary of a Kid – The day I bit the nurse


“the day i bit the nurse” – 1989

This situation happen to me when i was 5 years old.
at the time i hated and had a phobia with needles so i went to the hospital with one of my parents,already shaking of fear with probably my fav toy at the time,and when i sit on this room and a nurse grabs my arm to stick me a needle i bit her and more people had to help so that she could finish the job,took more then a hour this process and after 1 decade the nurse still remembers me asking me “if i was going to bite again”..


Cassius with his loyal friend Gambô – Concept Art

Concept art for the story “Humans Book-  the Heart of Leviathen ” representing Cassius and Gambô (main character and friend),This is before Cassius became a robot,his job was to analise life forms in Earth,Gambô is from a specie that evolved depending on Humans,since they are born they grow up on the back of Humans,Humans learn how to comunicate with them and they become very attached to Humans and can carry flying who ever they are attached to.




art development for the Gambô:

Cassius – character design

Character design in “Humans the Heart of Leviathen Book”

Cassius. also known as ICA 01 – half robot and part human primally made to explore the Universe for made by Humans that has its apperance on the first book of the “Humans Beyond”,his other objectives are exploration,discovery,construction and conquer,these represent different paths that he investigates in unknown planets,he was damaged in one of investigations and hes memory was shaken.

  • Concept art for the character:















  • Cassius helmets and weapons underneight






Cassius was also a main character in a simulation game called “Humans Alpha and Omega” wich is a branch of the “Humans Beyong” story.

  • A brief summary of the “Humans Alpha and Omega” game

“Humans Beyond” – Point and Click Game (sketch stage)

Assessment Work:

FMPA1 is going to be focus on research and development of techniques, this development will be the base or the limitations to the next unit FMPA2.
The first unit will start by structuring the story of the game which is based on the story developed on the previews year, just needs to be arranged to this game method, the story will be important because it will guide the character (the player) along with the game, making sense.

(short intro comic underneath)

After the story is well organized with the characters and the environments i will pass to the stage of researching on interactivity that will help the flow on the game making the illustrations with some kind of movement that will entertain the player instead of looking at plain pictures, as i said previews, the development of this interactivity will depend on how the research goes, I’m going to explore interactivity like frame animation with characters moving and parts of the environment, and programming interactivity on flash software like making the character walk with the keyboard or following the mouse, dialogue boxes, inventory and new techniques that will appear on the process of this research.
In the same time as I’m exploring techniques on flash and frame animation I will a make a vast research on the type of environments that I’m going to use on area of the game, like cinematic scenes, types of interactivity possible, colours (techniques to make harmony in the hole game) and effects on movies, cartoons, illustrations, games and stories.
At the end of this unit FMPA1 I’m going to have the story done and structured in all areas of the game, a finished ruff idea of the illustrations for the environments and the characters and how they going to be moving with frame animation, a vast test of techniques using flash, with attempts of interactivity and studies of the best way of making it possible.

Mean while i will be working on two blogs to help organizing myself, with techniques of how to make the game possible on flash and to help other students that want to do the same (learning by teaching), and the other blog will be to update my work on this project so that i have a process of development of this project which will be easier to present my final project.

The next unit, FMPA2 will consist in using the finished story, develop all the art and frame animation for the game and still developing techniques for flash and combining finished work with interactivity, a lot of problems will happen on the progress of this project because it’s a game using a software that i don’t have total control off, but at least 12 environments will be painted in Photoshop software and will be possible to walk throw all the environments with the story (in Flash software), more than that will be a benefit to this game making it closer and closer to a real game, entertaining, well finished the illustrations of the environments, being clean and synchronized with the others environments.

(concept enviroments underneath)

Icarus – character design

Like Icarus, to fly too high-And far too lonely than he ought
To kiss the sun of east and west,And hold the world at his behest-
To hold the terrible power,To whom only gods are blessed-
But me, I am just a man” – FNM

Character design in “Humans the Heart of Leviathen Book”

Icarus. also known as ICA 02 – nano robot made by Humans that has its apperance on the first book of the Humans Beyond, his body is made of billions of nano robots that constantlly are in movement,his body can only maintain his human shape because of the rings that he has in sprecific areas of his body that sustains his body,he suffers with the transformations that he uses for his needs